PINNED POST – main blog topics

As of September 2016 (our seven year anniversary) we are no longer accepting bespoke orders. For those curious, I'm taking 2017 (and possibly 2018) "off" from bespoke to explore some interests which have had to take a back seat whilst pursuing corsetry these past nine years. I'll still be embellishing and selling one couture corset per month … Continue reading PINNED POST – main blog topics


Lovely week, both for work, play, and ponies. Spring is actually here. Thursday, in particular, was glorious. Everyone was happy, ponies playing in the fields, humans enjoying their work, the goat sunbathing, and the sheep doing as they always do... I love being outdoors anyway and don't mind mud and muck, but a day like that, … Continue reading Details

The opposite of “flow”

That's me today. Supplies to finish orders have been delayed by possibly three weeks, so work is somewhat stunted. But then I woke up this morning and thought, "I'll play, then!" Dug out a couple of the Butterfly corsets (note, they're not sold out, they're just not ready yet so I've deactivated the listings: and the … Continue reading The opposite of “flow”

2012 versus 2016 – corset construction

I mentioned a 2012 corset months ago on facebook (the delicious Cranberry Butterfly made for Lucy), saying that it might be fun to share a little bit about how my corsetry techniques have changed over the years. So here we go!  Cranberry Butterfly was made in a strong way. Perhaps "stronger" than she needed to … Continue reading 2012 versus 2016 – corset construction

Blossoms progress

Blossom underbust, in progress. So in love with these colours. This shows the carmine and raspberry with just one spray of yellow-orange, there will be much more of the latter mixed through as we progress. Photoshoot next week! I'm being photographer in London for a friend's new lingerie collection, will be fun. Meaning to take a … Continue reading Blossoms progress

Work Work Work Work Work…

Today has been very stimulating! Lovely company in the form of three interns plus Holly, and so lots of creative business chat and corset geekery discussed. Plus, we've been playing with a lot of lace!  We also progressed on pattering and toiles for bespoke clients, plus embellishment for a new design, plus hand-quilting the hip gores for … Continue reading Work Work Work Work Work…