Learning corset patterning with us

I came into Nero to read and relax, and they were playing Lauren Housley (my lad plays drums with her band quite often). Lovely coincidence.  It's been a busy week. Monday/Tuesday I had the delightful and talented Joni of Rainbow Curve Corsetry here to study pattern drafting. My brain is so distracted by learning how … Continue reading Learning corset patterning with us

Corsetry Patterns a-go-go!

So, clever Marion (former editor at Foundations Revealed) is publishing a book... of historical corset patterns from 1900-1922! This is exciting. Those years are not much addressed in contemporary corsetry, and since there are 19 different patterns I imagine the book will provide a really nice overview of the changing silhouette of the time. Should be … Continue reading Corsetry Patterns a-go-go!

Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Someone shared this video on Facebook today and, since it describes a large part of the sentiment behind Where Angels Fear to Tread (our curated corsetry project from 2016) I thought you might enjoy it.  I've spoken about this topic many times before. I meet dozens and dozens of would-be corsetmakers who, even if they … Continue reading Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Let’s fundraise!

The colouring book is here!  I am so excited about this, it's been an absolute treat to make... Completely lovely to have the opportunity to buy some nice pens and paper and sit down to immerse myself in some frivolous horse-themed drawing. As you know, I volunteer twice a week at a community stables nearby in Birmingham. … Continue reading Let’s fundraise!


Lovely week, both for work, play, and ponies. Spring is actually here. Thursday, in particular, was glorious. Everyone was happy, ponies playing in the fields, humans enjoying their work, the goat sunbathing, and the sheep doing as they always do... I love being outdoors anyway and don't mind mud and muck, but a day like that, … Continue reading Details

Deliberately incomplete

Took over three hours to get to sleep last night. And once I had, the cat started scratching at the door for attention. Bloody hell. Walked around the Clent Hills yesterday. The weather turned flaysome, sharp stinging rain pushed into your neck by strong winds. Beautiful fresh air and views though.  Resumed my winged horses upon … Continue reading Deliberately incomplete


What a week. Great start to November. In addition to selling some old patterns and revealing the book project, this week has also been really good for actual corsetmaking. Many samples finished and posted, others finished and listed for sale, progress on orders, and I used a chunk of extra time over the past two days … Continue reading Silks…

If you like quirky Sparklewren corset patterns…

So you lot are bonkers! We've sold something like a dozen old Birds Wing inspired patterns today, variations that I have played with over the past few years. And you know, it almost didn't happen. I'd re-homed a couple with corsetmaking friends but kept forgetting about the others... until this morning Holly said I should see … Continue reading If you like quirky Sparklewren corset patterns…