PINNED POST – main blog topics

For those not yet informed, we are now closed for business. After almost a decade of glorious corsetry, I decided to return to some of my other interests. Everything has its time, and I am grateful for the interest, support, and enthusiasm that our clients and fans gave to us during the Sparklewren years. Perhaps … Continue reading PINNED POST – main blog topics

Bridal Week – a couture-inspired piece from last year

So today I am cheating slightly... The Poppies&Pearls gown was a true highlight of 2015. And as I have already written extensively about her I thought I would simply share a pretty picture from her wedding day and the link to my previous blog post. I hope you enjoy it, there's a lot of detail there … Continue reading Bridal Week – a couture-inspired piece from last year

Bridal Week – from the portfolio

Often, the couture designs we dream up can easily be taken forward as inspiration for bridal pieces. Indeed, with so many brides opting for colour, sheers, unusual lengths, and corsets, "traditional bridal" (which is an idea that doesn't mean much anyway) is becoming less and less important. Of course, the brides that come to designers like … Continue reading Bridal Week – from the portfolio

Bridal Week – two sides of the same coin

My job, when making bespoke pieces, is to interpret people's daydreams. That, as you can imagine, is a treat and a joy. People come to you because they already love your work. So generally you have a good starting point to work from. If someone contacts us, for example, it's pretty rare that they don't want … Continue reading Bridal Week – two sides of the same coin

Bridal Week – the Sunshine gown

You will have seen Louise's lingerie corset in yesterday's post. In champagne and muted off-pink, it was a delicious little treasure. But the gown. Oh the gown... Sunshine was one of my favourite ever pieces to work on. Not just because it was made for a friend (I feel genuine affection for everyone that I make … Continue reading Bridal Week – the Sunshine gown

12hrs to go – all about the Unicorn

Our books for the Where Angels curated corsetry collection close in 12 hours.So I thought I would share a little bit about the Unicorn corset, Pyrite's sister at our castle photoshoot.Unicorn was made as a less colourful design, with muted gold duchess base highlighted by pearl and crystal details. But do you know where the clear crystal … Continue reading 12hrs to go – all about the Unicorn

Falling Blossoms – Are you the right person for Tumble?

Tumble, a delicious scoop-necked overbust, is the final remaining design in the Falling Blossoms project, ending at midnight tonight. Sharing this aesthetic with you all has been an absolute treat. Indeed, I cannot wait to get the patterns and toiles done for those of you who are participating! Just wait till you see the swatches … Continue reading Falling Blossoms – Are you the right person for Tumble?