PINNED POST – main blog topics

As of September 2016 (our seven year anniversary) we are no longer accepting bespoke orders. For those curious, I'm taking 2017 (and possibly 2018) "off" from bespoke to explore some interests which have had to take a back seat whilst pursuing corsetry these past nine years. I'll still be embellishing and selling one couture corset per month … Continue reading PINNED POST – main blog topics

How to get a hold of some Sparklewren…

I'm trying to keep things simple. So here goes...  WAYS TO OWN SPARKLEWREN COUTURE CORSETRY...Commission a bespoke piece (we will be closed for orders from September onwards, for at least a year). Purchase an inexpensive sample design. Wait for our "year off" trinkets... During our year off we hope to delicately embellish one pre-made couture corset per … Continue reading How to get a hold of some Sparklewren…

Trying to use time wisely

I was sorting out some pics and just thought to myself how pleased I was with 2015. It was a really nice and good year, both personally and professionally, and I feel that the designs we created (and the shoots we did, especially at the castle) are the best I've done yet. That's a nice feeling, … Continue reading Trying to use time wisely

Jungles and blossoms

Never begin a horsey correspondence with me on email... It turns out I'm incapable of writing short emails! I'm so thrilled to have horsey friends these days though. Both online and off. All with their different experience, knowledge, and points of view. As I've said many times I love learning. So this is ideal for … Continue reading Jungles and blossoms

Blossoms progress

Blossom underbust, in progress. So in love with these colours. This shows the carmine and raspberry with just one spray of yellow-orange, there will be much more of the latter mixed through as we progress. Photoshoot next week! I'm being photographer in London for a friend's new lingerie collection, will be fun. Meaning to take a … Continue reading Blossoms progress

Work Work Work Work Work…

Today has been very stimulating! Lovely company in the form of three interns plus Holly, and so lots of creative business chat and corset geekery discussed. Plus, we've been playing with a lot of lace!  We also progressed on pattering and toiles for bespoke clients, plus embellishment for a new design, plus hand-quilting the hip gores for … Continue reading Work Work Work Work Work…


Busy week. As already noted, there has been First Aid training, dressage fun and photography, usual stables activities yesterday, with some couture corsetmaking thrown in-between. We've a bunch of things that need wrapping and posting soon, but just need to finish them first (toiles and such). I need to get in the zone next week, plenty … Continue reading Multi-tasking

Future designs

Today I have mostly been trying to tidy up and prepare for next week! Some Basement Jaxx and Doves has helped. My table is now (closer to) tidy, which is letting me think forward to future designs. We're being really quite selective about the work we do these days. Indeed, we're very lucky that our clients … Continue reading Future designs


Thank you for all the enthusiasm for Where Angels last week! It was an intense time of shiny corsets and shiny pictures and lovely people and lovely feedback. Happy corsetmaker times. Was also gratified that my favourite photograph from the collection was your favourite too! That never happens... ¬†Since last week's intense happenings I have taken … Continue reading Post-launch