Learning corset patterning with us

I came into Nero to read and relax, and they were playing Lauren Housley (my lad plays drums with her band quite often). Lovely coincidence.  It's been a busy week. Monday/Tuesday I had the delightful and talented Joni of Rainbow Curve Corsetry here to study pattern drafting. My brain is so distracted by learning how … Continue reading Learning corset patterning with us

Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Someone shared this video on Facebook today and, since it describes a large part of the sentiment behind Where Angels Fear to Tread (our curated corsetry project from 2016) I thought you might enjoy it.  I've spoken about this topic many times before. I meet dozens and dozens of would-be corsetmakers who, even if they … Continue reading Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

What tight jodphurs teach us about corsetry

I have heard that it's foolish to buy clothes to "slim into", but I did just that recently as someone was selling some lovely jods cheap online which looked to be just one size too small for me at present fitness. It transpires they do actually fit  they just don't fit. Yet.  Whilst nearly the entire … Continue reading What tight jodphurs teach us about corsetry

If you like quirky Sparklewren corset patterns…

So you lot are bonkers! We've sold something like a dozen old Birds Wing inspired patterns today, variations that I have played with over the past few years. And you know, it almost didn't happen. I'd re-homed a couple with corsetmaking friends but kept forgetting about the others... until this morning Holly said I should see … Continue reading If you like quirky Sparklewren corset patterns…

2012 versus 2016 – corset construction

I mentioned a 2012 corset months ago on facebook (the delicious Cranberry Butterfly made for Lucy), saying that it might be fun to share a little bit about how my corsetry techniques have changed over the years. So here we go!  Cranberry Butterfly was made in a strong way. Perhaps "stronger" than she needed to … Continue reading 2012 versus 2016 – corset construction

The betterment of corsetry?

I read something the other day which said that "love is the active promotion of the wellbeing of the love object in its terms" (Dr Erich Fromm). I like this a lot, the notion of love being an activity, an ability to be developed, something active. You can't say you love something if your actions … Continue reading The betterment of corsetry?

Thoughts and studies

Thoughts that have been knocking around my head this month: 1) To run a good small business, be nice to people. They'll be nice back. Everyone's happy. 2) If you want to change a behaviour or habit, change the environment so that the new behaviour/habit happens by accident. Far easier (and more effective) than relying on willpower … Continue reading Thoughts and studies

Beast mode

A nice, productive day in the studio. Had both Holly and intern Cassy here, so we made a lot of progress! It's making me feel hopeful about being properly prepared for this year off from December. All our older samples are getting finished and finding homes nice and swiftly. And I've remembered five more that we … Continue reading Beast mode

Art for artists

Lovely day! We had two separate private students today, both learning about patterning and construction, and how those two things are (or should be) harmoniously connected in order to create beautiful corset designs.  It all ties in to a topic I was discussed with my boyfriend yesterday, at his birthday dinner. Baroque sensibilities. I had a … Continue reading Art for artists