The anatomy of pride?

Of course, the busy week continued... Wednesday/Thursday was volunteering as usual and was lovely (also as usual). We've another new addition! Diego is a nice, solid-looking, horse and seems a confident character who'll take everything in his stride.  His presence, amongst other things, was a nice opportunity to watch the posturing and muscle engagement of horses … Continue reading The anatomy of pride?

I kind of want to cut something up…

I'm tired and happy following Day One of the equine dissection that Sharon May-Davis is holding this week. How fascinating everything is! Being a craftsperson my natural inclination (upon seeing something being carefully taken apart with a scalpel) is to want to get involved, which, of course, isn't part of the deal with this course. … Continue reading I kind of want to cut something up…

Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Someone shared this video on Facebook today and, since it describes a large part of the sentiment behind Where Angels Fear to Tread (our curated corsetry project from 2016) I thought you might enjoy it.  I've spoken about this topic many times before. I meet dozens and dozens of would-be corsetmakers who, even if they … Continue reading Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Let’s fundraise!

The colouring book is here!  I am so excited about this, it's been an absolute treat to make... Completely lovely to have the opportunity to buy some nice pens and paper and sit down to immerse myself in some frivolous horse-themed drawing. As you know, I volunteer twice a week at a community stables nearby in Birmingham. … Continue reading Let’s fundraise!