Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Someone shared this video on Facebook today and, since it describes a large part of the sentiment behind Where Angels Fear to Tread (our curated corsetry project from 2016) I thought you might enjoy it.  I've spoken about this topic many times before. I meet dozens and dozens of would-be corsetmakers who, even if they … Continue reading Foolishness, curiosity, and books.

Paper and gold lacquer

Have woken up in a super-grumpy mood this morning and for no good reason! Had a mammoth lie-in, probably just stayed in bed too long to be fair. Spring is definitely here. And we never even really had much of a Winter. Glorious sunshine and wind at the stables on Thursday, intense showers this morning. Spring. Mum … Continue reading Paper and gold lacquer

Clarity – something to work towards

Aw, the sun is shining, I'm cosy on my little boat, and I'm having a leisurely study day, perfect... Well, half leisurely, what I'm really meant to be doing today is tidying up. I've made a start, it's fine. Hoping to pop North to see mama and Ben next weekend, why are trains so expensive … Continue reading Clarity – something to work towards

Butterflies (of the shy variety)

So often, things that you might think would be outside of my comfort zone actually aren't outside of it at all. There are plenty of things that I'm uncertain of, things that I might try that might not work, things that I've no prior experience with... but none of this necessarily makes the thing uncomfortable. Through … Continue reading Butterflies (of the shy variety)

When your personal symbolism is embarrassingly obvious…

When I had my unexpected but lovely little ride on Wednesday, I had a moment of strong visceral memory in which I felt all fizzy as though I were a teenager galloping alongside Hadrian's Wall again. We weren't galloping on Wednesday, we weren't even hacking, and our little canter was rather lazy... but the memory … Continue reading When your personal symbolism is embarrassingly obvious…

Hiccups and ideas

On Tuesday night my little Singer machine stopped working. Backwards worked fine, but forwards not so much. So on Wednesday, I only did the morning chores at stables before coming back to the studio to see what could be done with the Singer. Answer: nothing, needs an actual service and a couple of parts. Took … Continue reading Hiccups and ideas


What a week. Great start to November. In addition to selling some old patterns and revealing the book project, this week has also been really good for actual corsetmaking. Many samples finished and posted, others finished and listed for sale, progress on orders, and I used a chunk of extra time over the past two days … Continue reading Silks…