Soot and Cracks, part two

Karolina said I could share a couple of our embellished pictures! So here are my two (current) favourites from yesterday. Both of these feature gorgeous Yazzmin Newell in Karolina's latest designs, including the Celestial Bodies collection. Photographs and embellishment by me in this instance.    I could imagine a lovely little art book of these sorts … Continue reading Soot and Cracks, part two

When you’re sick but you’re well enough to complain about it…

The weekend was beautiful. Glorious weather, ponies on Saturday and a photoshoot on Sunday. I was tired, but otherwise merry. Then Sunday evening... struck down with food poisoning. Yucky. Very very unwell.  Am improving now (clearly, otherwise I wouldn't be taking the time to whinge about it), though still nauseous and my temperature is all … Continue reading When you’re sick but you’re well enough to complain about it…


You may have already seen some teasers of this online... Many of our clients and followers love to wear their corsetry as luxurious lingerie, so this year we are taking part in the #lingerielovebomb with a few wonderful designers that I think you will adore! The idea is to support small, independent brands, which I … Continue reading #lingerielovebomb!

What a treat – French couture lace for Christmas

Incredibly and merrily, I recently won a Facebook "share to win" competition by the French Lace - Online Store page! We received the parcel at our studio today, my goodness what a treat... I don't think I've ever won a competition before so that's pretty amazing in its own right anyhow, and they sent such beautiful … Continue reading What a treat – French couture lace for Christmas

Pythons – Part 1 – NSFW

Cassie Rae is a beautiful little model who I have worked with twice before. We always said that we'd like to arrange a shoot with snakes, as a friend of hers keeps them and it's something she's done before. So, we got it scheduled in and yesterday we all had much fun playing with corsets, … Continue reading Pythons – Part 1 – NSFW

Red Hearts

The "Red Hearts" corset is very much a showpiece. It's the sort of elaborate design that I get to do for "corset collectors", those clients who have couture corsetry from all their favourite independent brands and who, when they commission you, really want an example of your own aesthetic. Beneath all the embellishment, this piece … Continue reading Red Hearts

Then and Now – NSFW

Please note: some of these images are "not safe for work".Fashion (and corsetry in particular) is curiously circular, needing to find renewal and interest within a reasonably tight set of parameters. It is a question of maintaining a cohesive sense of self (or identity, or brand, or aesthetic, whichever you prefer) whilst also exploring ideas … Continue reading Then and Now – NSFW