Red Hearts

The "Red Hearts" corset is very much a showpiece. It's the sort of elaborate design that I get to do for "corset collectors", those clients who have couture corsetry from all their favourite independent brands and who, when they commission you, really want an example of your own aesthetic. Beneath all the embellishment, this piece … Continue reading Red Hearts

Then and Now – NSFW

Please note: some of these images are "not safe for work".Fashion (and corsetry in particular) is curiously circular, needing to find renewal and interest within a reasonably tight set of parameters. It is a question of maintaining a cohesive sense of self (or identity, or brand, or aesthetic, whichever you prefer) whilst also exploring ideas … Continue reading Then and Now – NSFW

Trends in Corsetry

As contemporary corsetry becomes more and more popular, we are beginning to see little trends beyond the "classics" which trickle throughout the industry and pop up here and there in new forms, new colours, new styles. It's very interesting! We especially noticed it at last year's Oxford Conference of Corsetry, as there was a plethora … Continue reading Trends in Corsetry

Huf Magazine

 Excerpts from an underwater editorial for Huf Magazine: Mira Parmar MUAH using Smashbox Cosmetics UK, OPI and Annabelle's Wigs.Model: Evie Morton at Boss Model ManagementAssistants: Lauren Rippen, Abbie Barton and Amy Benson.Including the Bone gown, Mink corset-body and Russet draped corset.