Patterns for sale

EDIT: Well you lot are keen! Those patterns all went within 30 minutes of posting, which was very gratifying, thank you 🙂 We then searched through and found a few more that we were happy to sell. Some assorted multi-panel pattern fun. And guess what happened...? Yep, they also sold super swiftly. Sorry for those who … Continue reading Patterns for sale

The boat is wren-ready.

Why do we love stationary so much? Just love boxes and notebooks and brown paper. Popped into town today. Bought various glass jars to continue sorting out my work area on the narrowboat for 2017. Ooh, it's good fun sorting sparkly things into jars and boxes... And it's good to remember some of the bits and … Continue reading The boat is wren-ready.

Lots on! Please read/share/explore our posts to support Sparklewren!

Another Saturday in the studio instead of at the stables. I need to get my hustle on!We've got many sold samples to finish (steel on its way, so we should be on top of that soon), plus other designs still available, and I keep finding things that, with a bit more work, we could get … Continue reading Lots on! Please read/share/explore our posts to support Sparklewren!

Golden mannequins and golden ponies

Well well. I've been thinking of my birthday (30th November) as being around the time that our studio lease is up, as I remember getting keys and making announcements and such around that time three years ago when we took up the premises. But I may have remembered that wrong! I'm going to need to … Continue reading Golden mannequins and golden ponies

Midnight Blue, almost ready…

Holly and our intern Ffion are today finishing the embellishment on the midnight blue silk overbust. This is an old Birds Wing overbust made years ago that was never properly finished, if you remember... a test piece when I was trying out numerous construction options, trying to figure out the best way of making multi-panel … Continue reading Midnight Blue, almost ready…

Bring on the long weekend!

Bespoke, emails, photos, and sorting through more old samples for Holly to finish/embellish today. A couple of which we've allocated to lovely returning clients even though they're not actually finished yet! Which, when you think about it, makes more sense than just finishing whichever ones we fancy and then finding buyers. Anyway, we've now got a … Continue reading Bring on the long weekend!

I’ll have a pony thanks…

I wrote recently about how one cannot take every opportunity that comes their way. Not only might you end up with too much on your plate, but the "opportunity cost" could be high (ie: the things you might then be unable to do, on account of having committed yourself to the first thing). Right now, I'm … Continue reading I’ll have a pony thanks…

Juki industrial sewing machine for sale

So there are a couple of equine science modules that I would like to study (hooray for distance learning!) and if we found a new home for my unused Juki DU-1181N industrial (selling for £700, based in Birmingham UK) I could just about afford it... Please share with anyone who may be interested! This machine is … Continue reading Juki industrial sewing machine for sale