Trying to use time wisely

I was sorting out some pics and just thought to myself how pleased I was with 2015. It was a really nice and good year, both personally and professionally, and I feel that the designs we created (and the shoots we did, especially at the castle) are the best I've done yet. That's a nice feeling, … Continue reading Trying to use time wisely

Jungles and blossoms

Never begin a horsey correspondence with me on email... It turns out I'm incapable of writing short emails! I'm so thrilled to have horsey friends these days though. Both online and off. All with their different experience, knowledge, and points of view. As I've said many times I love learning. So this is ideal for … Continue reading Jungles and blossoms

Soot and Cracks, part two

Karolina said I could share a couple of our embellished pictures! So here are my two (current) favourites from yesterday. Both of these feature gorgeous Yazzmin Newell in Karolina's latest designs, including the Celestial Bodies collection. Photographs and embellishment by me in this instance.    I could imagine a lovely little art book of these sorts … Continue reading Soot and Cracks, part two

A week of ponies and pictures (but not combined together)

Tired and happy. The sun is shining. Lovely shoot today with BCU student Amy and her model Charlotte. Then began editing in the late afternoon. Proper images will be much more straight-forward, but you know me, I can't resist a bit of blurry, quirky fun. Here's one that was created with use of a chandelier crystal.  … Continue reading A week of ponies and pictures (but not combined together)

How to photograph corsetry

I will be taking some photographs today. And so I thought I would share a quick tip! Here's a before and after to illustrate.  Aside from things like colour, brightness and contrast, you will see that the only noticeable difference is around the waist of the corset. This isn't a "photoshopped tiny waist" situation (as was … Continue reading How to photograph corsetry