The final three for 2017?

So the year off hasn’t been “off” enough!
I want to finish current orders and perhaps one or two more of my favourites, then done. A proper rest from it. Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t still be doing bits here and there, but that I want to take all pressure out of the equation. I’ve too many things to think about at the moment (all good things) and rather than let any of them become overwhelming I think it’s best to just put one or two of them down for a moment. Have less to juggle. No point putting yourself in situations where you might sour on the things you love… Let them still be a joy by guarding them a bit more carefully. 
But, hopefully, I’ll get to finish a couple more special corsets before taking that break. Because I realise in thinking about “closing” that there are aesthetics I want to have explored first. 
It would be nice to connect with the soon-to-be-owners of either Chartreuse (22.5″), Cyclamen (18″) or Truffle (21″) as it’s one or two of those that I’d most like to work on before temporarily closing to orders. This is how I see them…
Chartreuse is a richly green-gold silk satin made from an authentic antique pattern, and I hope to cover it with black silk flossing and antique black lace… I want it to be something that you could genuinely mistake for a late-Victorian corset. I think it’s possible. TheButterflyCorsets-2803
Cyclamen is a slender, contemporary silhouette, in deep rich pink with metallic laces and strands of fool’s gold beading dangling between hand-painted lace blossoms. static1.squarespace
Truffle is a softly brown corset, with dusty French lace, muted seed beads and pink freshwater pearls all giving an intricate level of surface embellishment. Like a moth or a mushroom or bark. Like sunlight shining through dust in the air. IMG_4990
Three very different corsets, all ready for embellishment and finishing once we find their perfect homes. Email me with your questions: [email protected]
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